Free Ideas and Designs

Welcome to our free designs and ideas page. These ideas and designs I came up with to make my own dogs comfy in all seasons. I wanted to share these ideas and designs so other dogs would be as comfortable as possible living outdoors.

You can copy these ideas and use them as you see fit. I will add more of my free designs as I work them out. In the meantime I hope you will enjoy and have fun with these ideas and designs.

Dog Stairs:  *Click on the link.

The stairs for dogs started as a means to get my old dogs into the back of my pickup truck. It might just be my dogs but they acted like I had hurt their feelings whenever I picked them up and lifted them into the back of the truck.

It takes a bit of getting use to when it comes to old dogs, they just don't seem to like new things. But rather then have them jump at the tailgate then falling I decided to build a set of stairs that they would get use to using.

Now if I forget to put the stairs at the base of the tailgate the old guys will cry and pace infront of the tailgate. Even the young dogs will use it. I use it to lift heavy stuff into the back of the truck or around the dogyard.

Doghouse Doors:  *Click on the link.

The doors for my doghouses are made of plastic in the winter and screen in the summer. I came up with the idea when the dogs refused to have bug dope sprayed or rubbed onto them. I knew there had to be a better way to do it and after sitting there and pondering this I realized that at night they would have no relief with just bug dope.

So I looked at our screen door and thought if I could make a door that would open and close without trapping them inside, this just might be the way to go.

My idea worked..... the dogs went in and out of the doghouses moving the screen so they could stick their noses out or close the doorway completely.

During winter the plastic doorway keeps the heat in without trapping the dogs inside. They are heavy enough that wind doesn't move them too much. And light enough that the dogs can move them around to suit.

Screen doors keep the insects at bay while letting the air circulate through the doghouse.

Just a bit of plastic or screen on the dogs doorways gives them a chance to sleep in peace, allowing warmth in the winter and relief from biting insects during the summer. I no longer have grumpy dogs that cannot get away from the insects.

Dog House Mats

Placing foam mats on the floor of the doghouse, gives an added bit of warmth and helps to keep the dogs dry. Moisture can cause frost on the floors making the doghouses uncomfortable for the dogs. The foam mats used for exercise equipment works well. It an easy fit, trimming can be done with a pair of sizzors. With all that foam the dogs are warm and snug.

Don't forget to add the woodshavings or straw ontop of the foam for added warmth!

Dog House Bedding

For years, straw was the norm used as bedding for my sibes. Then one year, no straw was available and we were forced to use wood shavings. At first I thought the dogs would be cold and uncomfortable with the shavings. Not so, they stay toasty warm.

Straw has a tendency to get wet with the dogs going in and out of the doghouses, especially with wet fur.

With wood shavings my dogs are drier, no mold forms in the bedding, it is cleaner with no coughing.

Another advantage to using woodshavings is the lack of mice hanging around the shed where I store the shavings, which means no fleas and no mice droppings.

I don't know about you but if I was a dog I don't think I would like to sleep with mouse droppings in my bed.