Our Products

Welcome to our Products page. With over fifty years of experience making my own equipment and with the help of my team, I have put together instruction manuals to show you how to make your own equipment and to better understand your team. We all know that there is nothing like tailored clothing, so why would you expect your dogs to wear off the rack equipment?

Paper Harness.

If you look on the internet there are plenty of qualified harness makers and suppliers, making your own equipment compared to the cost of the off the rack equipment could instead go towards the upkeep and care of your team.

I started making my own equipment as a little girl, all of my toy animals including real pets were fitted with harness's and bridals. When I acquired my own team of sled dogs I naturally began to build what I needed for my team. I also built equipment for other teams but found it too expensive to do. Instead I sat down at the computer and decided to help others to build their own equipment, the result was a series of small booklets with full size patterns. This has made it possible for mushers from all over the world are able to make their own perfectly fit harness's and dog booties.

Today over 200 mushers now design and build their own equipment, some have even turned this into a business. Not all countries have access to dog sledding equipment, and the cost of shipping is a major factor in the expense of ordering off the rack dog equipment.

There are four booklets (manuals) in this series, including full size patterns with instructions on assembly. Prices range from $12.00 to $15.00 Canadian, shipping and handling is included. Information on each manual and pattern is available on the individual pages.